Saturday, November 15, 2008

Summit Day 2 in Hollywood, FL

Sunrise walk on Hollywood Beach. Knowing we'll be inside all day, we got up early and took a short walk along the beach. Heavenly!

Last night we stood on the same beach and watched the Space Shuttle launch to the applause of our fellow on-lookers.

Amusing aside: There is a yoga conference going on adjacent to ours. When we first got here yesterday and were riding up the escalator to our gathering in the Great Hall, coming down the escalator was an older woman in yoga attire doing a one-legged yoga pose. Sort of caught our eye as we passed. ;-)

Nice breakfast buffet in the Great Hall. We sit at the same table as yesterday with Beth and Caleb from Nebraska and David Bilmes from CASL. (They all got invited to dinner last night with the reps from Gareth Stevens. Cassandra Barnett was going out with the folks from Scholastic. We seem to have been dropped from the A-list this year.) The keynote speaker this morning is a game developer from Boston - Scott Traylor. His company is 360KID. They created National Geographic Kids Tomb Game.

Next it's a breakout session: Reference in the Digital Age. Moderator Shonda Brisco (Oklahoma State). Panelist Sue Polanka (Wright State, Ohio), Mark Cummins (Weekly Reader), Roger Rosen (Rosen Pub.), Becky Snyder (ABC-CLIO). Questions addressed are on the Summit ning. Discussion of how libraries are handling print reference materials, how Reference is currently defined, perceptions about what Reference is. Interesting, deep dialog between practitioners and providers of digital content. I appreciated the comments from librarians who work in higher-ed schools of education about how future teachers are being made aware of school library resources and services. This session highlighted for me that many people are working toward the same end - equity and ease of access to the best resources, regardless of format.

Next up this morning is a Summit-wide panel, Just for Me, Just in Time...not Just in Case. Joyce Valenza is the moderator. Panelists are Chris Harris (Genesee Valley BOCES), Jim Ulsh (ProQuest), Jay Flynn (Gale), and Terry Fredericka (INFOOhio)

This session took us beyond the present into various visions of future modes of accessing and mixing/mashing up information. While a bit overwhelming in some technical aspects, I enjoyed this peek at where we might be in 5 years or so.

Now finishing lunch and awaiting the start of sponsor presentations and the closing discussion and wrap-up.

Alice Yucht in leading the closing discussion: "What are the take-aways from this Summit?"

  • Gaming and connection to Standards

  • Insight into challenges of school librarains and vendors (from a public librarian)

  • We are trying to engage our students in ways in which they are familiar

  • Digital resources make resources available 24/7

  • Thankful we are all working together

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