Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Summit photos

I've put my SLJ Summit photos on Flickr.

Now back home for a few days, I'm still thinking about all the rich conversations and provocative ideas I've taken away from this gathering of school library leaders and representatives of some of the major vendors that provide resources to school libraries.

It is clear that the rate of change is ever-accelerating and the ways that information is accessed and delivered are ever-evolving. It's hard to get a handle on what is best to do before something totally new and different presents itself, but one thing is certain - we are in an exciting and challenging period of transition for our profession and must all try to stay connected to help each other keep current.

Many thanks to Brian Kenney and School Libray Journal for what has become an annual meeting of the minds that is not-to-be-missed by the movers and shakers in our field.

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