Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Breakout Sessions

I. Can You Hear Me Now? Exploring the Audio/Ebook Experience

This is about digital audio books - ebooks - a panel discussion. four experts from companies that produce audio books: Sony reader, Playaway, OverDrive Media, Follett Library

"The package is different; the content is the same."

Each rep is speaking about how audio books are used in school libraries and impact on students.

Moderator Mary Burkey's audio book blog:

What kind of containers will schools need 5 years in the future? Will things we buy today be outdated next year:
  • containers will drop in price to $2.49, $1.99, $1.49 and become disposable.
  • electronic paper - flexible, pliable displays; color
  • growth in use of containers for more kinds of content
  • more choice of formats/products for the listener
  • we will all have our own personal IP address; access to unlimited storage; access to content on-demand through purchases, professional memberships, conferences you attend, delivered to you in a variety of ways

II. Print Books 2.0

So Books 2.0 are books with digital media added - "radical change" books.

Principles of radical change books:

  • connectivity
  • interactivity
  • access

Recommended viewing: Are You Paying Attention?

Moderator: Eliza Dresang, Florida State University

Panelists: Lucretia Miller (SLMS Duval County, FL), Author Michael Dahl (Everything Kid's Joke Book), Rachael ?, Scholastic

Reader takes more active role. Authors, publishers more aware of characteristics of reader.

The skill of a true author and a compelling story still necessary - adding "bling" to a bad book won't make it good.

Not every book is changing because of the digital age - for example, Harry Potter; Twilight

Boundaries between types of media are blurring. Graphic novels themselves are changing. Cannibalization between formats?

Media has influenced not only the print book, but print book readers. Michael Dahl: People who grew up in the 50s dream only in black and white. Younger people dream in color. - Really??

This makes me wonder: In ten years, when we look back at all this analysis of the brains of today's kids, will we chuckle knowingly at our naivete?

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