Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 3 continued: Fireworks and a Runaway Train

Really - Big Thunder Mountain is a very tame coaster - although Sandy might tell you differently...but I think she's still speaking to me nevertheless....

After the Holiday House cocktail party, we went back to Disneyland to try and snag a good spot for the Remember...Dreams Come True fireworks. We got separated in the crowd and Linda circled the hub about four times looking for Sandy and me, but eventually we reconnected a little closer to the Castle than we were last night - at least close enough to get a few decent fireworks photos.

Having just barely survived the runaway train ride on Big Thunder Mountain, we looped around through Fantasyland, walking through the Castle from the back side and on to the Rivers of America to watch Fanstasmic. This is staged quite differently from the Florida version - you have to stand on the walkways instead of sitting in an amphitheater, but the projections on the water screens and all the pyrotechnics are still impressive.

We waited for the crowds to thin out somewhat before leaving the park for bed. Tomorrow we all have 8am meetings, so we'll be up and out early for a full day of conference activities and the official opening of ALA Annual.

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