Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow

Day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but today we had our first snow. Seeing those flakes for the very first time every winter always awakens a memory of warmth, happy times and places. Driving to the post office this morning while those big snowflakes floated past gave me a little flare of excitement. I know that I won't feel this in January, but just for today, it was all new again.

Last Sunday, I finished digging up and rearranging the last of my day lilies. I threw out lots of old iris that just weren't doing well where I had them. I got prodigious leaves, but very few flowers. I didn't really have another spot for them, so they went onto the compost pile, along with some sage plants that just didn't look all that great. Again - lots of leaves, few flowers. I think my borders were just getting too crowded with too many plants that weren't earning their keep. By the time spring returns, I'll be surprised at what comes up where, because by then I will have forgotten what I did this fall. Spring always brings surprises.

All of our family will be together here at our house for yet another Thanksgiving dinner. And then on Sunday we celebrate my parents' 60th anniversary. We have much to be thankful for.

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