Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Future World, SpectroMagic and Wishes

We made up for a day of no rides yesterday by spending most of today in Epcot's Future World. We started by getting a FastPass for Soarin' and then jumped into the standby line, which took exactly the 35 minutes posted. Anne and Don loved the ride and wished it lasted longer. We were glad we had FastPasses so we could ride it again later. We had a late start this morning, so after Soarin', it was already time to head over to the World Showcase for our noon lunch reservation at Tokyo Dining. We rode a Friendship over and got there in time to see the wait-staff's opening ceremony. We were seated in the front-center window. We shared a bottle of sake and all enjoyed our lunch overlooking the lagoon.

After lunch we went back to Future World for more rides, using our FastPass to ride Soarin' again, then going on Mission Space, Test Track, and Spaceship Earth, with an energy break for lattes and cappuccinos at mid-afternoon. It was getting cooler and the skies were becoming threatening, so we went back to the resort to change of clothes before going to the Magic Kingdom for the SpectroMagic parade and Wishes fireworks.

Fortunately, it never did rain and we were able to get great viewing spots for both attractions. We watched SpectroMagic from it's start on Main Street and then followed the masses to a prime spot in front of the Partners statue at the Hub for Wishes. We had a perfect view of the Castle and its changing colors and could clearly see Tinkerbell fly from the parapet at the beginning of the show. These shows are must-sees and the Adamses enjoyed them both.

Tomorrow we'll check out the decorations at the monorail resorts after breakfast at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian resort.

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