Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 6: One last fling

It is 1pm. The conference has ended! We are sitting next to the pool at the Candy Cane Inn, updating our blogs.

The morning started with Khaled Hosseini and ended with Diahann Carroll, with some time to browse the exhibit hall in between. All that is left to do now is use up the last day on our Park Hopper passes, so we will soon be leaving for the parks for our last day of play before returning home in the morning.

Anaheim has been the ideal location (from this Disney parks fan's point of view) for an ALA conference. Our hotel is equidistant from both the convention center and the parks - and we have taken full advantage of that! For example, last night after all our conference events ended, we left for Disneyland aroung 9:30pm and once again closed the park at midnight. We rode all the rides in Fantasyland with minimal waits and we weren't surrounded by strollers!

Photo above: Valerie, Linda and Gerri on the Carousel.

We have all been functioning on very few hours sleep each night, but what the heck - sleep is highly overrated and there will be plenty of time for that on the plane. I think we'll go to California Adventure, at least to start out with - and there are a still few things to buy in Downtown Disney. It's a safe bet that we will wring out every last bit of fun before Disneyland closes at midnight tonight.

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