Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to Anaheim...

...this time for the Annual Conference and Exhibition of the American Library Association at the Anaheim Convention Center - right next door to the Disneyland Resort!

What could be a better combination for a Disney-loving librarian? I'll be traveling with four fun colleagues/friends from the Massachusetts School Library Association's executive board - Sandy, Gerri, Valerie and Linda. We'll be there to listen, work, think, plan and learn, but unless you're a librarian too, you have no idea how much fun can be had at these huge national conferences (almost 30,000 of our kind will be there)!

In addition to the usual conference presentations and exhibits in a hall the size of a small city, speeches by famous personalities, and authors signing and reading from their books, there will be meals hosted by vendors in classy restaurants, receptions, happy hours, and "meet and greets" galore - all with free food and drink, of course! And this year, because of its proximity, the big party - the Scholarship Bash - will take place at Disneyland!

During our 7 days in Anaheim, we will try and maintain our decorum, avoid sore feet, total exhaustion, overindulging in food and drink, and public faux pas as we cram as many meetings, speakers, exhibits, workshop sessions, dinners, tours, parties - and of course, forays into Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure - as we possibly can.

Our plans are just about set, our Google calendars are filling up, we've printed lots of extra business cards, and we are making sure we leave enough room in our suitcases with our librarian-chic outfits, funky jewelry, and comfy sandals for a couple of extra bags to carry home all the swag we will collect in the exhibit hall.

More of the exciting adventures of the MSLA Five coming soon, here in kay-lo's world!

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