Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Best Disney Day EVER!!

Oh my gosh! Who is that woman singing with the Disneyland Band? Could it be?!....Yes, it is!....It's kay-lo herself!!

How did this happen? Just for naming all of Santa's reindeer (including, of course, the one with the brightly colored nose), I was invited to join the band's trombone section in singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. They even gave me a solo on the "Won't you drive my sleigh tonight?" part... Twice!

mr.-lo said I didn't totally embarrass him! In fact, he said he was proud of me! He went crazy snapping photos:

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We did lots of other things today, but they all - without exception - pale in comparison to this! In fact, this was THE BEST time I have EVER, EVER had in ANY Disney Park - without exception - and I have had lots and lots of great times courtesy of Mr. Disney. I haven't been able to stop smiling all day!

Having taught elementary school music for (too) many years, the words to this song, and hence the names of all the reindeer, are indelibly seared into my brain, so I was able to do my part without missing a single word and it was a blast! The Disneyland Band is really, really good! There I was, right there at the hub of Main Street USA, with hundreds of people (well maybe 10 or 20) watching me, singing with the Disneyland Band. Me! kay-lo! Wow! This is why grownups go to Disneyland!

It'll be awfully hard to part with this place tomorrow. We're not sure if we'll get to visit Disneyland briefly one more time in the morning since they are forecasting a big, big rainstorm, so this may be the end of our adventure, although once my feet touch the ground, I'll try and write about the other things we did today, particularly our time at California Adventure, since that was all brand new to us. I'll have lots of time in airports and planes tomorrow as we make our way back to Arctic Massachusetts, so stay tuned for more later!

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