Friday, September 7, 2007

Homeward bound

It's our last day. Sad to leave, but it's nice to know this place is within a day's drive from home. We lingered a while in the village of Southwest Harbor, visiting the little library which inside, feels like being in the hold of a ship. We picked up some fresh baked bread for our folks at the Little Notch Bakery.

We took our time driving home, stopping in Camden to get lattes and admire it's pretty little harbor. We tried to get what are reported to be the best lobster rolls on the eastern seaboard in Wiscassettat at Red's Eats. After standing in line for 20 minutes and not moving, we decided to forgo Red's this time. Instead we continued on our way and later stopped at a familiar spot, BG's Boathouse in Newcastle, New Hampshire, a place we often frequented with my parents during our many summer vacations at Rye Beach.

This was a relaxed and laid-back trip - just what we wanted. We know we'll make the trek back to Acadia again because we didn't get nearly enough of it this time around.

All our photos are on Flickr.

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