Sunday, December 3, 2006

Day 5 - Downtown Disney Day

Today was a non-park day. We slept in, did some laundry and then took the ferry from Old Key West to the Downtown Disney Marketplace for lunch and some browsing in the stores. The ferry ride down the Sassagoula River was quite pleasant. Overhead, we could see an airplane spelling out "Will you marry me, Erin?" across the sky. We made one stop to pick up guests at Saratoga Springs, the newest of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. Its theme emphasizes its New York namesake's horse-racing tradition. We might stop in some day for a closer look.

We ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Express. I had a Chinois salad (chicken with chopped cabbage, carrots and wanton strips with a tangy Chinese mustard vinaigrette dressing) and mr. lo had a grilled chicken Aioli sandwich, both very good. We got free chocolate caramel samples at Ghirardelli's and dove into the mob in the World of Disney store. It didn't take long for all the people and hub bub to wear thin, so we caught a bus back to Old Key West and took a nap. I know what you're thinking - Mr. and Mrs. Excitement, right? What can I say, it's true!

Tonight we drove back to Downtown Disney, this time to the West Side where we saw the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale at the AMC Theater. Great flick - and this is the nicest movie theater I've ever seen. It has high-backed stadium seats, steep enough so that there are no heads in your way, and a huge screen.

After the film, we wandered around the West Side and Pleasure Island, considered going to the Comedy Warehouse, but there were so few people around we were afraid we'd be the only ones in the audience. We peeked into the Adventurer's Club, but there didn't seem to be much going on in there either. We got lattes at the Virgin Megastore and browsed around in there for a while before coming back "home".

Tomorrow we're going for an early breakfast at the Polynesian - gotta have that presspot of Kona coffee at least once a trip - before we head into the Magic Kingdom for a few rides we missed yesterday. We'll leave there as soon as it starts to get crowded. We hope they'll be finished taping the Christmas parade. We plan to spend the rest of the day in Epcot.

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